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Hey ! Have you guys heard about “A lonely planet”. These words aren’t be true anymore. Don’t you think so?

Because of our world has become global, 
globalization in a  simple sense it is nothing. But it means one country is related to the other country, one country has become either a province or a district of one another country. By sitting in front of your PC and by the used of internet you will be able to buy a good products from a country where place in the opposite continent. As we say Just one click.

We would like to introduce ourself as Vayupak a group of people who is realized to the worth of
those points, who also loves shopping, eatting tasty food and enjoy life. Vayupak know as a big gorgeous lovely bird.

Just like our site! Now! 
We please welcome you to our newest store where is full of colours and happiness. We are loaded with our present products and we are ready to  land and serve you with our most reasonable prices of goods.

Such as Thai amulet "Full of prayer and Faith", Hand made Muay Thai stuffs and gears "The art of combat", Fashion wears, Sport wears, Fashion sport wear,  Home spa set "The sense of relaxation", Jewelly or Gems.

Thai food paste you are going to be a great Thai chef in just one tear then mix.! 
For example Tum-Yum-Kung paste, Green curry paste, even papaya salad powder. Be sure that your family is going to be impressed with your new dishes, Hand craft and more and more beautiful hand made, other our unique items. Please welcome to choose our best selected collections and be sure you must love them too. 

We are also glad to serve you by arranging your special
 needs. In case you have not found the item you like in our catalogue.

Please kindly let us know and please
don’t wait to place your order with us for sale.
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