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Special Offer
We offer a special discount 5% off for customer who makes the total Buy it now price or product prices equal or more than 100 US$ per 1 invoice,
 8% discount for 500 US$ and 10% discount for 1000 US$ (This offer except training package, boxing ring and other promotion items). 

Payment Method

Payment is due within 5 days. We will accept your  payment via Paypal, credit card (Visa and MasterCard), Western Union. We accept money order and cashier's  check only in case you make minimum order at 150$USD.

Shipping Time
We ship our goods to worldwide and our shipping
cost depends on the shipping destination. In case the item is available in our stock it will be shipped on the same date when you placed your order or the next working day. You expect to receive item within 3-4 weeks (Global Mail), 2-3 weeks (TH or DHL Airparcel), 5-7 days (TH Post Express) or 3-5 days (UPS Express) after the date of your payment. For an order items they require 10-14 working days for producing based on the manufacturer so you expect to receive an order items within 5-7 weeks (Global Mail), 3-4 weeks (DHL Airparcel), 4-5 weeks (TH Airparcel), 2-3 weeks (TH Post Express) or 1-2 weeks (UPS Express) after the date of your payment. 

How to follow the shipping status of your items
You can always check the status on the web sites given below. 

For tracking no. XXxxxxxxxxxHK 
Please check on the link : 
Hong Kong Post
You can check the shipping status for each country from Hong Kong Post.

For tracking no. XXxxxxxxxxxSG 
Please check on the link : 
Singapore Post

For tracking no. XXxxxxxxxxxTW 
Please check on the link : 
Taiwan Post

For tracking no. XXxxxxxxxxxDE 
Please check on the link : 
DHL Global Mail
Posting/dispatch date is 3 days after you got your tracking number from us by mail for example you got the number on 7-10-09 you need to mention in the Posting/dispatch date box as 10-10-09.

For tracking no. is a 10 to 39 digit combination of numbers. 
Please check on the link : 
DHL Airparcel

For tracking no. CPxxxxxxxxxTH 
Please check on the link : 
TH Airparcel

For tracking no. XXxxxxxxxxxTH 
Please check on the link : 
TH Post Express

Shipping Policy
Weight per orders of the customer shall not exceed 20 kg. In the case that weighs more than 20 kg, We ask customers to isolate the products you buy is 2 orders.

We will also mark on every parcels as "a gift" and item valued not over 50$USD for helping our customers in avoid paying any extra charge ,
 free of charge or tax from a customer's country. And in case some country ask for those extra chages and our customers have to pay them when customers receive their item at your local post office, we are not responsible on any extra charge or tax from the customs of  customer's country.
Return Policy
We will refund on all purchases. If the mistake causes by our delivering and in case customers do not receive items. We will fully refund to you after 9 weeks from the date customer's payment. If you simply want to return the item may because of you just do not like the item which you have purchased for any other reasons, fristly we will deduct the shipping cost then fefund your money.
 Customers must return the item  in the normal condition and we must receive the item within 14 days. 14 days start counting from the day when the item is delivered.
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